Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Spices are an intrinsic part of Indian food. It’s what makes indian food so different and thus attractive to people around the world. Since the establishment in 1986. By Mr. BMSatani, the founder of our company set up the corporation named M/s Kirit Foods of Diamond Masala.

For over 25 years DIAMOND has perfected the amazing world of spices, unlocking in addition to revealing the authentic blends. This success has made DIAMOND an international Spice brand. Nutrition information purposes to allow well-versed customer choices, raise the demand for healthy foods products, and encourage competition on nutritional quality.

Indian tastes have acquired different taste for spicy food. There are many different products Agmark Masala, Premium Masala Manufacturer, Special Garam Masala, Diamond Pickle Masala, Spicy Papads, and Rajawadi Hing Manufacturer & Supplier in India. However, what remains unchanged is the demand of great quality spices starting from red chilli powder for you to turmeric and coriander powdered.


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